Week 1 – Luxembourg City

Rest day in Luxembourg has meant no sight of cycling and we have been walking this lovely city, planning the following week ahead, washing our smalls and enjoying a nice hotel room. The last 7 days have well and truly thrown us into a new way of being. It has not been easy ( which we knew), it has tested our stamina, resilience and way of living in the present with just a little thinking ahead. Our pace is slow (thankfully at the same cycle pace), the hills have really slowed us down and these are not big hills either. We are carrying heavy loads each (approx 20-25kilos) but with every repack there is very little we are not using or can dispose of. We planned around 40 miles on cycle days but this has altered due to campsites, our speed and energy levels, but in all we are on track. We head out tomorrow (12.4.17) from this fine city in search of the Eurovelo 5 route which we hope to continue on for most of the next week. With good weather, pace and no easter interruption we hope to be in Basel in 1 week. 

Our favourite gadget-our solar panel charger ( when the suns out)

7 thoughts on “Week 1 – Luxembourg City

  1. Hi don’t get discouraged your doing fine take every day as it comes enjoy whot you see and do your doing more than most people dream of doing lucky ladies love you both xx


  2. Fantastic blog girlies. So proud of you already can you imagine what I’ll be like in the weeks to come. Relish and savour every unique moment.
    Mucho love xxxx


  3. Looks a lovely camping spot you had by the river! Glad you’ve had some time to recharge and enjoy Lux.
    Happy cycling and looking forward to the next post!


  4. Great riding ladies – I thought of you both today as I huffed up a mere blip of an incline with a measly 10 kilos on the bike. Seriously impressed by your efforts. You are doing so well .

    Big hugs xxx


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