Into the Alps-Switzerland 

The last 3 days of cycling have taken us from Basel (with reluctance) following the Swiss velo north- south national cycle route 3. Which has been on the whole fab, the signage is relatively clear and the website extensive (Velo routes). From Basel the route lead us through industrial parts to agricultural countryside. cow bells, rolling hills and snow! The gentle hills turned into a ‘pass’ ride of over 700 metres in one hills in freezing snow. The downhill should have been nice but the cold took the joy away. However the past 2 days have graced us with finer and warmer weather and no signs of snow apart from ice on the tent in Lucerne. I think it would be safe to say until we leave these mountains in April we may not be camping until the other side. We still seen another tent camper yet!

Since arriving in the lake region of lucerne the scenery has been Swiss chocolate packaging. The skies and waters have been amazing and our cycling has been motivated by this. The velo route 3 guided us around the west of the lake until a short ferry ride was needed because of road issues and we continued the journey of the east side until we followed the valley floor to our stop (in a guest house) in Erstfeld. The Alps will continue…

Snowing and freezing

8 thoughts on “Into the Alps-Switzerland 

  1. Hi Barbara & hello Jack,
    Following your adventure in awe. Great photos. I bet you sleep well in the hotel stopovers, a real bed & your gear is safe too.
    Keep strong, big hug, Lynn, Phil, Matt and Tom x


  2. Hi you two intrepids. How are the hills? Just think of all the musculature on those legs by the time you finish! So pleased things have looked up since the horrors of France.
    All well on the pontoon. Our new neighbours seem very civilised and all appears well… of course it may all be a disguise!
    Take care of you
    Chris and Dennisx


  3. Well done Lovely Girls. I am following you and sending big hugs. It looks amazing and I am enjoying your passion and excitement and the amazing photos you are sharing in your blogs. Keep going up those hills. By the way thanks for the birthday cards you cheeky monkeys – they made us smile.


    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement-legs bait tired after too many up hills. Rest day tomorrow which we will enjoy. Love to all the girls ( big and small) xxxx


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