At rest in Livorno 

We arrived yesterday evening at Barbara’s family home in Venezia quarter of Livorno to a welcome of family and of course a good meal. The journey since the last post saw some extreme weather and long miles. We reached the Passo Della Cisa after a long climb of approximately 30km and 1200 metres (up and a bit down to go up again) with the onslaught of cold rain and thick fog. There was a large group of motorbikers at the top cheering and clapping us as we reached the peak. Unfortunately there was no enjoyment of the downhill as the cold, rain and lack of movement made conditions tough. This soon passed as we reached the lower hills and the sun warmed us up. The long push to Sarzana brought us to a campsite in between 2 main roads! Not much sleep was had that night due to the traffic post bank holiday. The campsites we have encountered have not been amazing and the Ines that have been good have stood out a mile. 

Yesterday’s (2.5.17) journey from Liguria to Tuscany was mainly along the Mediterranean coast with varied scenery from 40km of lido (beaches & restaurants) to the parco naturale, cycling along the pine wooded beach area. We reached Livorno after a long 82km trip to the warmth of Barbara’s family and a great meal ready.

Now for a long rest (2 weeks) in Livorno and to do planning for the west to east of Italy, some paper reasearch, mill visits and the insurance claim paper work (before the Croatian break in celebration of Trace’s big birthday!) 

A few facts & figures:

  • Cycled days 23.5 days
  • 5 non cycle days 
  • Distance covered: 1,538 km (956 miles)
  • Punctures X1 each (jack on day 3 back tyre, Barbara on day 26 front tyre). 
  • Brake pads x1 new set each (replacement after the 7 hours of cycling in rain on day 25)
  • Worst day-robbery on day 3 (camping in night/all bike spares and tools plus other things)
  • Best day(s)-cycling in Switzerland route 3 (north to south)
  • Longest day/distance 88km (Day 25 Monza-Codogno)
  • Shortest day/distance 43km (climb in Alps) 

    Liguria coast

    All photography by Jack Blake & Barbara Salvadori 2017 ©

    8 thoughts on “At rest in Livorno 

    1. Hi Barbara & Jack,
      Bravo, you’ve got guts & great photos… enjoy your break in Livorno… say ciao to Francesco from the Saunders family
      Lynn xx


    2. Amazing adventure, great to have updates on your progress through the blog. Enjoy some well earned rest and family time. Look forward to more updates later in the month. XXXX


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