10 thoughts on “The Movie—(papermakers & cycling highlights)

  1. Beautiful. The papermaking is absolutely fascinating and the scenery, WOW. Thank you for sharing this. How on earth have you managed to settle back to life in London?


    1. We met 8/25/2018 – Sycamore Canyon, 40-miles north of Los Angeles. Enjoyed reading about your cause and journey and most important that you had a great time! I was surprised to hear that your Carpinteria campsite with ants was the worse night of your travels.
      I took some pics during your break at Sycamore Canyon but couldn’t upload them. I would be happy to forward them.


      1. Hi really sorry for such a late reply but was experiencing some technical issues. Hope you are well and thank you for offering to send images, which would be great. If you send them to cyclingthepaperoad@gmail.com
        best Jack & Barbara


  2. Brilliant makes me weep for joy for you two!  So that’s why you have been so quiet. Well done and thank you so much for sharing!  Xxt

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  3. What a great snapshot of your amazing journey. The techniques for making paper and the beauty of it was breathtaking. How lucky and fortunate were you both to have experienced this journey…. xx


  4. ..hey jack & barbara.. hoping life treats you well.. ..in oklahoma for the winter, but planning a west coast ride 2020.. rode arizona & utah ’19….hard to believe it’s been almost 2 yrs since we met in eureka .. .. Glenn Ellis

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    1. Hi Glenn, lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well and enjoy 2020 rides. We have a new adventure coming in the summer, but not cycling this stime! Stay tuned.


  5. To say I am proud of ! my sister and Barbra dusant enclose all my love and emotional thought’s I have for them both. Looking forward to their nest adventure.xx


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