Route (Draft plans)

The route below is sketched out and this section will be changed over the miles. Before we embark on the trip here is the initial route mapped out.

Departure: 4.4.17 / Eurostar Train London — Lille, France

Stage 1: Lille—Livorno, Italy / approx. 4-5 weeks / approx 850miles-1400km

Stage 2: Livorno, Italy — Ancona, Italy / approx. 1 week / approx. 250miles-370km

Overnight Ferry — Split, Croatia / 29-30 May 2017 / 9 days break (with friends) 

Stage 3: Split — Bulgaria / approx. 850miles-1400km / 4-5 weeks

3 day 2 night Ferry — Burgas, Bulgaria—Batumi, Georgia 

Stage 4: Burgas, Georgia — Baku, Azebajian / approx. 800miles-965km / 3-4 weeks

1 day  Ferry — Baku, Azebajian —Turkmenistan 

Stage 5: Turkmenistan — Uzbekistan / approx. 1000miles-1600km / 4-5 weeks

Stage 5: Uzbekistan — China …?

2 thoughts on “Route (Draft plans)

  1. We meet on Silivri, Turkey, in your way to the East, my way to the west. I believe that “civilizations do not clash” all the time.
    I wish you a nice journey.


    1. Hi Jamil it was great to meet you in the ‘campsite’ and enjoy your company. In deed our worlds are similar and we share common ideology even if we come from different corners of this world. Happy motorcycling towards Berlin and then France- safe travels.


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