Up Hill-Ardennes

The sun has been shining since the robbery and set back. We keep remember things that where in the bags, which keeps mounting up. We are trying to be positive but it has made us over sensitive. We have started to rope our bags together in the tent and a loop around one of our toes!

The route over the last 2 days has been beautiful. Taking us along some cycle paths (ex-railway lines), country lanes and today a very very hilly part of the Ardennes. We have cycled between France and Belgium many times and tonight we are in a campsite bar route planning. We didn’t make our end destination today as we had a slow, late start due to thick fog and many rests, up the many hills. Our resting place is Bievre, Belgium. Tomorrow we hope to be quicker off the mark and cover more ground but we have been informed there are worse hills until Luxembourg. Really-are we cycling to China, Tuscany will be impossible!

Below a few pics (iPhone snaps) from last 2 days.

Today’s spot (7.4.17)
Friendly cat during a break

7 thoughts on “Up Hill-Ardennes

  1. So happy that the robbery hasn’t dampened your spirits and you have put best wheel forward. The post is great keep it up. Lots of love xx


    1. Thanks for support. We are on our first real rest day (filling out an insurance claim). Luxembourg City as a tourist x


    1. Hi Stéphane,
      Sorry to reply just now but we haven’t been able to find the time to do it. We did pass Luxembourg and spent a night there but has been quite a touch and go as our schedule didn’t let us to stop for long. We just had the time to rest after our stressful start (you can read on our blog how the first night camping went).
      I wish you Happy Easter and a good last term at LCC.
      Keep in touch,


  2. So sorry to hear about the dodgy start, but good to hear you’re staying positive. The pics look lovely. I’ll enjoy tracking your progress. Love to you both and stay safe. Love Sharon xx


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