Italian flatland to the Appennini 

Our last day in Switzerland gave us torrential rain (for 3 days) and we had to wear all our waterproofs and hope for it to clear. After a full day on the bike we crossed the border into Italy and the rain continued. We both where shocked at the sudden lack of any cycle infrastructure and the chaotic driving of the Italians! Heading through Chaisso into Como we turned to the Gramin for the first time to get us out of the busy roads. Our first stop in Italy brought us to Monza to a fantastic hostel in the park (right next to the race track). This became a resting place for 2 nights as the rain continued and the threat of local flooding kept us in the Ostello-Costa Alta, where we meet some friendly people (Mario, Gianfranco, Maria Rosa, Davide & Silva). If you are in Monza stay here it’s not your normal hostel and it’s very cheap. 

As the rains cleared we continued through the busy flatlands of industry in the Milano surrounds. It was more of heads down and do the long miles. As we left the heavy industrial zones we managed to find quieter lanes and a ride along the river Po. A couple of stops finally brought us to a slice of heaven in Noceto (Emilia Romagna) where we stayed in a fantastic B&B Tenuta Rivalazzo (ran by Antonio), in the middle of acres of farm land. Absolutely no campsites from the north until now, so we were forced to stay in B&B or hostels. 

We were both concerned as we had another wall to face of the Appennini range. Our trusty cycle mapping device indicated we had a 1200 metre climb. The sun shone and the inclines were tough but not impossible. Lots of mini stops to gain feeling back in the rear end and energise our legs and we made it to Berceto to our campsite resting place, where we sit drinking a beer and watching all the pensioners play cards with gusto! 
We are almost in touching distance of Livorno, couple more days and we will have made it but tomorrow another climb to reach the Cisa pass. 

11 thoughts on “Italian flatland to the Appennini 

  1. Can’t believe how well your both doing what’s a little rain ha ha pleased you have met some people on the way it’s nice to have a few days break your picks are great I feel I’m on the journey with you, all my friends send their best wishes I’m so proud god bless both of you love Caz and Bri xx


  2. Well done on getting over the hills – you will have legs and buns of steel pretty soon (if you don’t already). So impressed at the progress so far and wishing you good weather all the way to Livorno. Good luck sweeties! Xxxxxx


  3. Bloody marvellous! Well done you two! Your blog is certainly giving Tim and I ideas about our next camping trip to Italy… though we don’t have the guts to cycle it!! Best wishes for the next stage xxx Hannah & Tim xx


    1. Thanks H&T for your support it’s always good to hear from you. You must be getting ready for your trip to Montenegro? How’s life on the marina? We have arrived in Livorno and are being fed well and the rest ahead is a lovely thought. Say hi to the pontoon folks
      Take care J&B xx


  4. You two amaze me, sounds so great, I know its such hard work also. Lovely to see your blog, keeps me thinking……….Miss you on the dock but so happy you are doing what you have wanted to do. xxt


    1. Thanks for thinking of us. We have arrived at Barbara’s folks in Livorno, since last night and will enjoy some R&R ! We both you are both well and things are good on Greenland… j&b xx


  5. It’s wonderful to see the pictures, and see that you are getting some lovely sunshine along with all that rain! Bravo! We are all living vicariously through your adventures!

    x x


    (not sure if my email is showing my name, as it’s showing up with some weird yearzeroll account. lol!)


    1. Hi S
      Thanks for all your comments. Yes we certainly got over the robbery but at times we remember what else we lost! Hope things are good with you, especially in the final term. Soon time to restore over the summer break.
      Lots love J & B xx


  6. Hey you cycling superheroines… We got back from Cuba and Richard & Shampoo told me of your woes at the start. Sorry to hear about that. Just catching up with all your progress. Splendid work getting over all those mountains. You must’ve turned those thighs from juvenile softwood into sturdy Oak’s of mythic proportions! Bravo. Enjoy your time with Barbara’s family. Ciao for now . Andrew xx


    1. Hi neighbour
      Thanks for your message of support. Hope Cuba was great and all is good in the garden and marina! We are heading out again tomorrow to tackle some hills that fringe the west to east of Italy.


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