Paper + bicycle museums in Fabriano

It’s fate. We arrive in Fabriano to discover around the corner from the ‘Museo della Carta e Filigrana’ (museum of paper & watermarks) is the ‘Mestieri in Bicicletta’ (trades/job on a bicycle museum. Cycling the Paper Road is coming together nicely as we stumble across these connections and meet and discuss these unusual ties.

The Paper Museum had kindly hosted us for 2 nights in their flat used for artists, researchers etc. We have enjoyed all the normal luxuries a flat has and it has been a treat to be staying in part of the museum which was once a convent. I have known about Fabriano for many years but just the paper and had not realised it was also a beautiful historical town, with an UNESCO award as a creative city set in the hills. Fabriano is the most important papermaking place in Italy and has been one of the first European countries to develop the western papermaking method since 13th century. This was due to it’s proximity to the port of Ancona, where much trade came into and the Arabian methods of papermaking have been employed and developed. The museum is a simulation of a traditional mill with working machinery and demonstrations for visitors. The collection and displays of watermarks are extensive from bank notes and early watermarks from 13th century with commissions from across the world. 

Barbara has been hard at work translating constantly and chatting to these very friendly Fabrianesi people who all seem to know we Are cycling to China! Even the local baker and fruit/veg owners are talking about it! 

All photography by Jack Blake & Barbara Salvadori ©2017

3 thoughts on “Paper + bicycle museums in Fabriano

  1. What lovely pics. Glad its going so well.
    We are seeing our end in sight. New toilet finished. One water tank installed and the other due in this weekend.
    Dennis has only a small amount of project left at Imperial so everything coming together.
    Just the engine and learning to drive the bloody thing!
    Keep you posted.
    Keep going, keep safexxxchris


    1. Hey C&D so glad everything is coming together for your departure. Thanks for keeping an eye on our travels. We hope The last few things come together well but obviously we don’t want you gone from Greenland. Take care and hi to all our pontoon plans xx


  2. Dear Jack and Barbara, Hello! I’ve been looking out for another post and here she is! What a great co-incidence about the bicycle museum so close to the paper museum…very nice serendipity. If your flat was anything like the museum it must look amazing. Take care over there, Deb xo


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