Velo5 begins

It feels like a long time since we left Luxembourg City, only 4 days ago and some miles between us. We have reached the outskirts of Strasbourg today after a beautiful day cycling along canal paths. Canal/river paths are tarmac and you can cover miles finally. The past few days have been kind to us as only a few hills but the cycle route eurovelo 5 is well designed taking you off main roads, through forest roads, river and canal towpaths. The scenery has been lovely and again the weather has continued to be kind to us. Until tonight we have camped for 3 nights and our camping fortune has not blessed us yet. With a campsite so bad we cycled another 12km to find a nicer one only to be woken at 3am by a drunk man outside the tent asking the time..! Last night we were kept awake at another site by a group of east European fisher men talking and being sick-tents have thin walls!

The beauty of cycling we are finding is that we have very little knowledge of what we will see ahead and many surprises have arisen from cycling through 3 countries/borders ( Luxembourg -France-Germany) in 1 day, Schengen Agreement location, Unesco Völklinger Hütte (Industrial beauty) and the canals of La Marne au Rhin. 

3 countries in 1 day.

Industrial reminders 14.4.17-Völklingen

Images from 15.4.17-Sarrebourg to Saverne region

Type collection Schengen and La Sarraute river

3 thoughts on “Velo5 begins

  1. Hi sounds like the days are good but the nights are worrying you’ll have to do what the cawboys do and sleep in shifts stay safe lots of our love to you both Caz xx


  2. So pleased your both o.k. picks look good you don’t seem so far away when I know that we will get up dates, that I really look forward to keep smiling your both doing well love to both Caz xx


  3. lovely pictures. We hope your camping experience gets better because that sounds like our worst nightmare.
    Safe travels! ;))


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