Basel-papermaking trail begins…

Yes we have made it to Basel, Switzerland. Today we have enjoyed a rest day in the city. It has been a design overload in one day. An extremely easy city to naviagate and full of consideration. From our designer YHA to the amazing museum of papermaking, printing and writing (papiermühle) to the Vitra campus of architecture and design on the German-Switzerland border. We felt drunk with such playfulness, materials and design with the things we experienced today. Our visit to our first “paper” trail has been inspiring. The demonstrations, functioning papermaking and printing facilities were exemplary. We will write more in the near future ( when we stop in Italy for a couple weeks).

Since our last post from the outskirts of Strasbourg we cycled along velo 5 and 15 with ease, along canal paths and quiet roads. Our favourite campsite was in Neuf-Brishau, just outside a walled city. The site is run by two French cyclists and they have catered for a traveller who wants a taste of real camping and geared to help the cyclist with bike tools.

Yesterday (17.4.17) was challenging due to the open agricultural land and head winds that felt like cycling in mud but after 40 miles we arrived knowing we had 2 nights in a bed and all the mod cons. 

Arriving in Switzerland has been a morale boost as we have cycled 750km and almost half way. The next half is going to be a lot tougher as there are the mountains ahead. Stay tuned…

YHA BASEL- not as you remember YHA
Vitra design campus
Paper drying
Rag preparations

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